Sewing Machine Training Overview 


BERNINA Sewing Machine Training
Learn how to use your machine and how to use specialty functions to customize your machine’s settings to your needs. You’ll learn to use the most important utility stitches on your machine, such as straight stitches, overlock stitches, long stitches, blind hem, and buttonholes. In addition, you’ll learn about the many creative options of your machine, including decorative stitches, combi mode, free-motion stitching and more.

  • BERNINA 4 Series Training
    (Duration: 3 hours)

  • BERNINA 5 & 7 Series Training
    (Duration: 4 hours)

  • BERNINA Embroidery
    (Duration: 2 hours)

  • BERNINA Overlocker
    (Duration: 2 hours)


bernette Sewing Machine Training
Learn to master your bernette sewing machine. In this class we will cover how to use the many features and functions of your bernette sewing machine, including basic stitches, buttonholes, and decorative stitches.

  • bernette 33 & bernette 35 Training
    (Duration: 1 hour)

  • bernette 37 & bernette 38 Training
    (Duration: 2 hours)

  • bernette Chicago 7
    (Duration: 2 hours)

  • bernette Embroidery
    (Duration: 1.5 hours)

  • bernette Overlockers/Coverstitch
    (Duration: 2 hours)