Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Regular price $25.00

*If you would like to rent for more than 1 Hour, please increase the quantity.

4-Hours Package: $85
8-Hours Package: $160 
12-Hours Package: $220

For Sewing and Embroidery
- Any balance hours from 8 & 12 Hours Package can be postpone. 
- Price is only for 1 person.
- You will be assigned to a sewing machine unless specially requested.
- Only reasonable amount of sewing threads will be provided. Otherwise, it will be chargeable. You can bring your own threads.
- Basic notions will be provided.
- Basic knowledge of using the sewing machine is required.
- Assistance for your projects will not be given other than technical issue.
- Special instruction will be brief
- Other Terms & Conditions applies.

*For Students, please check out here: