BERNINA Instructors

We have a wide range of workshops to spark your creativity.

Join our workshops conducted by our BERNINA Instructors and create your own customised projects.

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Rosie Sook Cheng - Quilting/Patchwork

Rosie has extensive knowledge of working with textiles to create a wide range of end-products which are not purely artistic but are also practical, wearable and combine textiles, art and skills.

Her career in textiles started with BERNINA, Singapore in1981 and subsequently expanded her interest by starting “Dreams in Quilts”, a patchwork shop which couples the latest technology in sewing machines with her practice in creative textiles.

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Babitha Bobby Leonard - Dressmaking

Babitha has been working as a trainer for Dressmaking the past 6 years. She believe that creativity need to be cultivated. It dawned on her that with all the skill she have acquired over the years, the best use will be to teach someone skills that they might be of great use.


Marion Rosselot - Fashion Accessories & Dressmaking


My name is Marion and I am from Paris. I am working full time in HR consulting and I am a passionate about sewing and designing since many years now.

I started sewing classes in Paris and I kept on going in Singapore: I have a certification in Draping from Taftc Singapore. I love finding and looking for fancy patterns and new styles mostly for women and since recently babies! I love dresses and especially wedding dresses!

I want to propose fancy and trendy projects to bring your sewing skills to the next level! I am really excited to collaborate with Bernina and to teach the art of sewing!

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